Photo taken by  Andrew Mangum .

Photo taken by Andrew Mangum.

Adam G Holofcener (AGH) is a sound artist, composer and performer from Baltimore, MD, USA.  His work ebbs and flows between digital and analog efforts with an emphasis on a synergistic interplay between the two: one informing the other, literally and otherwise, ad infinitum.  The theoretical underpinnings for his work come from a variety of sources but primarily congeal around the personal and communal ethical and existential morays formed by the body politic.  This includes engagements with white privilege, domestic telecommunications policy, subprime mortgage loans, and copyright law.  AGH's work varies greatly: he has installed a quadrophonic sound installation in a vacant lot in West Baltimore, performed with a 200 guitar orchestra at Lincoln Center, and sent laptop vibrations of Internet Jazz through the PA systems of derelict establishments all around the country.  The mediums shift but the message does not.

In addition to his artistic practice, AGH also: 1) acts as the Executive Director of Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, a non-profit organization that provides pro bono legal services to local artists, 2) teaches a course on Art and Media Law at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law, 3) co-directs Kunstemporary Records, 4) proudly sits on the Board of Directors of Mind on Fire, and 5) is a dad and husband.